The Console Game

In the Console Game, the top 64 video game consoles ever made compete in an epic trump card game.

Which console is better? This question is likely to be as old as video gaming itself. In the Console Game, it is set to be answered once and for all.

The trump card game features categories like »Year«, »Launch Price« and »Units sold worldwide«, in which each console is challenged by its competitors. The basic pack contains 32 of the most important consoles from the history of video games. Two booster packs (16 cards each) add selections of »handhelds« and »rarities« into the game.

From the Magnavox Odyssey to the SNES and the Neo Geo – all major milestones are game. Furthermore, some rather unknown machines are part of the deck: The Apple »Pippin« and the »Nintendo 64 DD«, a drive for magneto-optical discs that was connected underneath the N64 may not be familiar to everyone.

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Fabian Hemmert