What's next?

Hello, my name is Fabian Hemmert.

I am a design researcher. My research is about our body's role in our interactions with technology.

I am a guest professor for interface design at Muthesius Kunsthochschule and a postdoctoral researcher at the Design Research Lab at the Berlin University of the Arts, in collaboration with Telekom Innovation Labs. Previously, I worked for Nintendo and Marvel.

I investigate embodied interaction with the digital world. In my five-minute TED talk, I give a brief overview over this effort. Also, feel free to have a look at the publications to which I have contributed.

Hack to the Future

Watch my keynote at IXDA Interaction 12.

Fabian Hemmert: Hack to the Future

Democratizing Innovation

Watch my presentation at Lift 12.

Fabian Hemmert: Democratizing Innovation

Smartphone Zombies

Watch my presentation at Next 14.

Fabian Hemmert: Smartphone Zombies