Creative Education


Brains run on fun.
Before I became

a professor, I had no idea how much fun teaching can be. But it is! I love helping people develop their creative potential, nurturing their ability to think critically and to create aesthetic experiences that make a difference in the world.

A diagram that illustrates what I think students bring to the university.
What every student brings with them.

I believe that every human, and every student, brings values, curiosity and talent to the table. That is where education should bolster us, because that’s where we’re at our best.

A diagram that illustrates what I think a university should be for students.
What we professors should provide to every student.

As a professor, my duty as I see it is to provide three things. Firstly, inspiration: to embrace each student’s curiosity, especially in areas that are purposeful for their individual values. Second, motivation: strengthening students’ conviction to use their talents to advance their personal values. Third, freedom: When they learn to use the power of their curiosity and talent, they are free to unfold their full potential and become who they truly are.

A diagram that shows what professors should provide to students.
What the university should be for students.

What does this mean for the university? It should be a place of personal acceptance, playful discovery, exploratory learning, individual development and steady reflection, with a culture that embraces learning through error.

A diagram that illustrates my teaching concept.
How I teach.
House Rules
  • Be there.
    • In time.
    • No phones within arm's reach.
    • No other projects.
  • Be free.
    • Unlimited breaks.
    • Eat and drink as needed.
  • Be engaged.
    • Ask others to write down the feedback you receive.
    • Use the creativity of the group.
Out of Reach
  • Free recharge, free mind.
    • During class, phones go on the window board.
    • There are chargers.
  • No prohibition.
    • Switch it to 'loud' if necessary.
    • Go there whenever you need to, but do it consciously.
Brick Wall
  • Build your avatar.
    • Space pirate? Dragon girl?
      Enter playful pseudonyms.
  • A reflective ritual.
    • No prescribed meanings.
    • Subjectivity, blockwise.
  • No judgement but yours.
    • Reflect how you did. And I.
    • See the big picture build up.

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