Ambient Life

This project involves various phone prototypes that breathe and pulsate. It explores life-like status signs.

As human beings, we are inherently trained in the perception of life-like signals. It may therefore be worthwhile to investigate such signals as a means of status display for mobile phones, which currently only communicate with us through beeps and vibration bursts.

The common relationship to our mobile phones is already a close one. This project exaggerates this circumstance, by proposing a permanently active, yet subtle, tactile impulse as a status display: A calm pulse that represents a status of »no missed calls, no missed text messages, and a sufficient niveau of battery and reception« and, respectively, an excited pulse that issues the phone's need for attention. The project involves a number of breathing and pulsating prototypes.

Fabian Hemmert
Hello, my name is Fabian Hemmert. I am a design researcher. My research is concerned with our body's role in our interactions with technology. I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Design Research Lab at the Berlin University of the Arts, in collaboration with Telekom Innovation Labs. Previously, I worked for Nintendo and Marvel Comics. Currently, I investigate embodied interaction with the digital world. Anybuddy B-IO Comeo The Console Game DataWars Design Research Design Research Diarings Diarings Diarings Exabyte Fäb Fabian Hemmert Fabian Hemmert FairPlayer Fridgets GenoGraph Hemmert HQ Inkbot iPad Pro iPad Pro Konsolenquartett Like2Win LikeToWin LiveStories Lullabyte MacBook mini MacBook mini Meine Freunde Meine Freunde Meine Freunde offPhone PlayQuest PlayQuest PowerSlides SAFE-Kurs SAFE-Kurs SAFE-Kurs Schulpsychologie ScrapBook Simple Present Simple Present Weasy