What's next?

Tomorrow, today.

We can reinvent the future. And we should.
What drives me

is the exploration of new ways to make technology more human-friendly. Are humans and technology at odds? I believe they don’t have to be. But for the sake of our humanness, we must change how we interact with technology. Bringing core human values like dignity, freedom and creativity into the world of technology can only lead to a better future. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning, and it’s at the heart of everything I do: researching, teaching, creating, speaking. My motivation

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I’m a professor of Interface and User Experience Design at the University of Wuppertal's department of Industrial Design. Previously, I worked for Nintendo and Marvel. I hold a PhD from the Berlin University of the Arts, where I worked at the Design Research Lab, in close collaboration with Telekom Innovation Labs.

»High-tech problems,
low-tech solutions.«
A diagram illustrating how design turns possible futures into experiences.

Many of my projects follow the approach of Research Through Design. At the core of this is prototyping: building things that might exist in the future by putting them in people’s hands today. My Projects

I’m grateful every day that my job lets me do exactly what I love: teaching people how to have revolutionary ideas. My Teaching

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Giving talks is something else I love: connecting with an audience, sharing my curiosity, starting a conversation about how to be human in an increasingly digital world. My Talks

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