This project explores a new approach to presentations: no clicker, no slides. Instead, NFC-tagged objects enable the user to »pick up« topics. A sensor-equipped stage allows the user to go through each topic »step by step«.

DataTouch is a smart, wearable, NFC-enabled ring. It can recognize NFC-tagged objects. It is used in live presentations by the presenter to control his presentation: each NFC-tagged object symbolizes a presentation topic. To activate a topic, the object is simply picked up. This can help the presenter to improvise during a live presentation, rather than having to memorize the topic order in advance and having to stick to this order during the event.

A position tracker maps the user's position on stage to different points within each topic, so they can be »approached«, »walked through«, and »skipped«.

Fabian Hemmert
Hello, my name is Fabian Hemmert. I am a design researcher. My research is concerned with our body's role in our interactions with technology. I am a professor for interface and user experience design at the University of Wuppertal. Previously, I have been a postdoctoral researcher at the Design Research Lab at the Berlin University of the Arts, in collaboration with Telekom Innovation Labs. Before that, I worked for Nintendo and Marvel Comics. Currently, I investigate embodied interaction with the digital world. Anybuddy The Console Game DataWars Design Research Design Research Diarings Diarings Diarings Escape Team Escape Team Exabyte Fabian Hemmert GenoGraph Hemmert Inkbot Interface Lab Konsolenquartett LiveStories Meine Freunde Meine Freunde Meine Freunde PlayQuest PlayQuest PowerSlides Simple Present Simple Present