Intimate Mobiles

These prototypes allow for near-body telepresence in mobile telecommunication.

For making a phone call, there are two major reasons. The first reason is information exchange – speech, as mobile phones in their current form enable it, is well-suited for that. The second reason, however, is a need for nearness - it is the need for being in touch. To explore this field, we developed three prototypes that investigate future visions of physically being in touch through mobile phones.

We propose three new channels of communication for mobile phones: grasp, moisture and airflow. All means are explored through mobile phone-shaped and -sized boxes, which are equipped with the necessary actuators.

The »grasping mobile« is equipped with a motor on its inside that allows for a widening loop to be extended and pulled towards the mobile phone's back side. This loop can be placed around the user's hand, allowing for an actuation of tightness.

The »kissing phone« is an investigation into moisture as a means of interaction in mobile phones. It is equipped with a semi-permeable membrane and a motorized sponge that can be pressed against the membrane.

The »whispering phone« is equipped with a set of air jets, allowing for a different types of air stream output. The jets allow for the reproduction of the caller's breathing and of airflows involved in speech.

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Fabian Hemmert