Tactful Calling

Tactful Calling adds a level of urgency to mobile phone calls, through a force-sensitive dial button.

At the time of an incoming call, users increasingly find themselves in the dilemma of either taking the call, which may be impolite towards others, or simply inadequate, or rejecting the call, which may be – towards the caller – impolite or inadequate, as well. In the Tactful Calling project, a level of urgency is added to the phone call.

The level of urgency is expressed by the caller through the force exerted on the »dial« button, making it physically harder to place a call flagged as »important«, and requiring him to gently touch the »dial« button to make a more »hesitant« call.

Given the added information of urgency, it is possible to set up a filter for incoming calls, e.g. redirecting all calls that are not flagged as »important«. This seeks to help users to manage their connected lives more efficiently, and more politely towards each other, giving them a broader spectrum within mobile communications.

Fabian Hemmert
Hello, my name is Fabian Hemmert. I am a design researcher. My research is concerned with our body's role in our interactions with technology. I am a professor for interface and user experience design at the University of Wuppertal. Previously, I have been a postdoctoral researcher at the Design Research Lab at the Berlin University of the Arts, in collaboration with Telekom Innovation Labs. Before that, I worked for Nintendo and Marvel Comics. Currently, I investigate embodied interaction with the digital world. Anybuddy The Console Game DataWars Design Research Design Research Diarings Diarings Diarings Escape Team Escape Team Exabyte Fabian Hemmert GenoGraph Hemmert Inkbot Interface Lab Konsolenquartett LiveStories Meine Freunde Meine Freunde Meine Freunde PlayQuest PlayQuest PowerSlides Simple Present Simple Present