Culture clash

To go or not to go?

Museum experiences. Virtually everywhere.
© Tobias Lischka, Maike Strauch and Nora Weber
Museums are

for everyone. Unfortunately, visitor numbers and demographics increasingly indicate that especially people of younger ages feel excluded and not adequately addressed by current museum culture.

In this project, our students conduced a participatory design research project conducted together with the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany. They set out to create new ways of making museums more accessible to people who would or could not otherwise attend them. The results include three novel approaches of integrating diverse educational and participatory concepts into the museum visit.

These include “ArtMate”, a new way of discovering people with whom to attend the museum, “myndmap” a new way of contributing remotely to a collaborative exhibit and “NewMuseum” a new way of connecting school classes to prepare jointly for a visit to the museum, including a digital co-curation process.